Non-Profit Newspaper Features Local Busker


Street Roots is published right here in Portland and has been a flagship publication addressing homelessness and poverty since 1998. The paper is published every two weeks and distributed for a dollar by homeless vendors who in turn receive 75% of their sales. Taking up half the front page of the April 30th edition is our very own “Working” Kirk Reeves, who is often seen playing his trumpet or performing comedic acts on the eastbound on-ramp to the Hawthorne Bridge.

This is a fantastic article; a complete profile of his life story and what brought him to busking as a full-time source of income. Over the next two weeks if you’re downtown, you should definitely give $1 to one of the vendors and get a copy for yourself. Past issues are featured on the website archive as PDF, but you have to wait until June.

Kirk Reeves: “I play my horn no matter what. I play if someone wants to fight me. I play if I’m scared. You’ll see me out in the rain, the cold and worse. I play in bad weather. I play when I’m tired. I play when I’m sick. If you really want to be a musician, you play no matter what!”

Related: Oregonian’s reporter Joseph Rose wrote about Kirk Reeves back in February as well.


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