Summer Music Event Looking for Buskers


The Big Busk is a new music festival for downtown Portland.

These are the ingredients:

  • a deep and diverse pool of creative and talented musicians
  • a beautiful, human-friendly downtown that consistently ranks among the most walkable in the nation
  • a really crappy economy

The idea is, for an entire afternoon, to saturate downtown with music. All kinds of music. Up and down Broadway, the transit mall, the park blocks to the esplanade.

There is no stage, but every corner is a stage. There is no audience, but everyone is the audience. There is no admission fee, but we trust attendees tip generously.

So it’s kind of an experiment. It’s also kind of an art project and a tongue-in-cheek celebration of creative defiance. Good music for tough times.

If you’d like to be a part, please send an email to¬†

The date of the evening is July 17th 2010. This is their second year hosting this event!


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