Interested in Getting Involved with PDXBusk?


From the first paragraph of our “About” page: was created out of the vision of safe, friendly Portland streets filled with music and art. Our mission is to create community through music, musicians and other street performers. We are dedicated to uniting the buskers of Portland, ensuring that we have a deeply rooted and secure place in the future of Portland’s urban development.

This is a movement that can’t be done by one or two people. We need the support of performers, activists and enthusiasts all over the Portland metro area.

If you are at all interested in networking with like-minded individuals, meeting other musicians and performers, making friends and casually discussing policy, street-stuff and random joking around, then you are invited to join us!

We will be holding our first meet-and-greet of 2011 to just say hello, complain about the weather and get to know our fellow musicians.

The Guild Public House
1101 E Burnside St

Thursday, February 3rd
8pm – 10pm

Please be sure to invite other buskers that may or may not have internet or know about You can print off this chintzy but handy pdf invite to drop in people’s hats as you walk by.

Hope to see you there and keep performing!

Facebook Invite! It’s not necessary to RSVP, but it helps in case we send out some last minute info.


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