February Highlights: Events You Should Be At!


February isn’t known for a great busking month. However, this is just the time to get things done before we’re too busy on the streets to take a break. Two events are coming up in the next few days that you should definitely take part in if you are at all concerned about the future of busking in this great city.

Thursday, February 3rd
Meet-and-Greet Mixer
8pm – 10pm
The Guild Public House
11th & E Burnside St
Facebook Invite

This event is a great way to meet other buskers, network and just have a great evening. Minors are allowed until 9pm. We will also be casually discussing busking ordinances and rights, but we promise not to be too serious about it.

Thursday, February 10th
City of Portland Street Musician Partnership Public Forum
4:00 P.M.
Portland Building, Room C
1120 SW 5th Ave
Facebook Invite

If there’s ever an event we need you at, this is the one. The City of Portland will be discussing busking ordinances and we need to make sure that our interests are voiced!

Please consider coming to both these events, and if you can’t make the mixer, your voice is still needed and wanted at the public forum.


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