Better Late Than Never: Busking Season Check List


photo by photonfreak

I know that everyone in Portland is tired of talking about the weather. Really, as a busker, I’m tired of thinking about it.

With the promise of rain-free days ahead of us, I predict and insurgence of fair-weather street musicians emerging to take their corners for what will hopefully be a long and prosperous summer. The majority of buskers in Portland do not perform on the streets all winter long. Some of us have forgotten what it feels like to play without having mittens on. Here’s a little check-list that will hopefully remind you of what you’re all about.


  • A tarp or rain covering “just in case” to protect your instrument (if needed)
  • Tip receptacle
  • Layered clothing
  • Warm socks (’cause it’s still too cold to stand around in sandals!)
  • Business cards or similar contact info for listeners
  • A copy of the Street Musician Agreement  (just to prove you know what you’re doing)
  • Essentials, like extra strings or a tuner (if you need that sort of thing)
  • Bottle of water and/or a snack

If you have any questions or concerns, and definitely if you get harassed in the coming months, please contact PDXBusk.ORG by phone or e-mail on this page!

We also love to hear success stories and happy, pretty things too. Send us that kind of stuff as well.


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