Local Landmark Busker Passing


From a friend: “Word on the street is that Kirk Reese has passed on. Thank you for bringing us so much joy on Fridays at the office on 5th (where we could hear you for hours), rush hour commutes home on the Hawthorne Bridge working your expanding sphere toy, and when I randomly saw you on the #72 bus, wearing your tux and lugging a milk crate with your sparkly Mickey Mouse hat and other fun supplies. And for unfailingly grinning and waving maniacally back whenever I grinned and waved maniacally at you. You will be sorely missed. A part of me hopes this is a horrible urban rumor so that I can stop and tell you how thankful I am next time I see you.”

Another commenter: “R.I.P. I have always wanted to meet you, and hear your story. You were one of the hardest working Portlanders I have ever encountered, and every day an inspiration to me, to find my niche, and make people smile. Your cheer was a gift. I hope you have peace.”

An Oregonian article about him posted in 2010.


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