PDXBusk.org was created out of the vision of safe, friendly Portland streets filled with music. Our mission is to create community through music, musicians and other street performers. We are dedicated to uniting the street performers of Portland, ensuring that we have a deeply rooted and secure place in the future of Portland’s urban development.

All you street entertainers of Portland come hither! All you mimes, living statues, guitarists, stilt walkers, drummers, violinists, jugglers, barbershop quartets – you are wanted here!

Our goal? Well, it’s a work in progress, but here are a few bullet points for you to chew on:

  • We have a right to be on the street making rent! However, we are bound to a Street Musician Partnership by the City, Parks & Rec, Police Bureau, Downtown Business Alliance and others that was written in 1994 and hasn’t been looked at since!
  • The City of Portland keeps attempting to dabble in “Sidewalk Management,” which is a sterile term, meaning that it will not only effect pedestrians, but homeless, sidewalk businesses, street musicians – everyone!
  • Portland is a vacation destination. Tourists love to see us doing our crazy business on the street corners. Changes in laws/regulations could make it difficult for us to perform in our usual spots!


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